Monday, November 06, 2006

Operation Of Doors by Drivers-South West Trains

onal Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers (RMT) RMT Circular No IR/0240/06: October 31 2006 Dear Colleague, OPERATION OF DOORS BY DRIVERS - SOUTH WEST TRAINS Concern has quite rightly been raised by a number of members and branches, which included a resolution from our Basingstoke No1 Branch, with regards to a recent announcement by South West Trains management that the arrangements for opening and closing doors are to change. The company has stated that drivers will now be responsible for opening train doors at stations and guards will now only close them. There can be little or no doubt that such an arrangement will be a breach of current agreements your union had made with the company and will, if implemented, further diminish the operational role of the guard and puts our members' jobs at risk. The views of your union have already been made crystal clear to the company both in writing and at a meeting held last week. This matter has also been placed in front of the General Grades Committee which has taken the following decision: "That we note the resolution from Basingstoke No1 Branch and the report from our Lead Officer. We instruct the General Secretary to seek a further report from our Lead Officer with regard to the outcome of the meeting on 25th October with the company. This matter to be placed back in front of the GGC on receipt of the said report. All branches to be advised of this decision." I will of course keep members advised of any further developments when I am in a position to do so. Yours sincerely Bob Crow General Secretary

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