Monday, December 22, 2014





Dear Colleagues,





At a further meeting with the company it made a final offer as follows:-


Option 1


Year 1 An increase of 2.1% with a guaranteed minimum of £450


Year 2 An increase based upon August 2015 RPI or 0.25% whichever is greater


Option 2


Year 1 An increase of 2.3%


Year 2 An increase based August 2015 RPI or 0.25% whichever is greater.


There are no other improvements offered in terms Allowances, Leave, Hours or restructuring within Retail and Fleet. The company made no other offer to improve Terms and Conditions  as part of these discussions, despite our wish to do so. 


We have advised the company that this will be placed before the General Grades Committee for consideration. Following such there should be a referendum whereby you will have the opportunity to decide your choice including the option to reject. 



Yours Sincerely,


Mick Tosh 

RMT Regional Organiser Wessex

Tel : 07900 877720









Union Headquarters

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October 2014 Pay Talks Update

To advise that your negotiators met with the company on the 18th December 2014  to discuss the October 2014 pay review.

The company made a revised offer as below:

Option 1 

Year 1 - an increase of 2.1% with a minimum increase of £450.00

Year 2 - An increase based on RPI (for August 2015 or a 0.25% increase of greater.

Option 2
Year 1 - an increase of 2.3%

Year 2 - An increase based on RPI ( for August 2015 or a 
0.25% increase if greater.

The company have stated that this is their final offer.

The Regional Organiser will now send a report to the National Union based on the above, to enable the Unions Executive to consider this offer.

We will keep you posted on this and the next steps.

Friday, November 28, 2014








My Ref: MRP 1/8/24           28th November 2014


           Circular Num: NP/254/14

To: The Secretary All Branches & Regional Councils


Dear Colleagues,




Following the 2013 triennial actuarial valuation of the South West Trains shared cost section of the Railways Pension Scheme the results reveal, allowing for future service contributions, a surplus of £8.4 million with a funding level of 101.3%.


As a consequence of the surplus in the fund management had initially proposed to defer increasing contributions, which were due to rise in line with the 2010 valuation schedule of contributions, for three years. 


However, following discussions with the Department of Transportand subsequently the South West Trains Pensions Joint Working Group, the following has been proposed:


• The Joint Contribution Rate to increase from 1st July 2015 until 30th June 2027 as follows-


Member 10.96% to 11.12% (+0.16%) / Employer 16.44% to 16.68% (+0.24%)


• No Benefit Changes


The General Grades Committee in consideration of this proposal on 26th November 2014 made the following report:


“We note the letter from the company outlining the revised proposal to increase the Joint Contribution rate from 2015. 


We further note that our pension representatives are recommending acceptance of the proposal.   


Therefore we instruct the General Secretary to inform the company of our acceptance.


Branches and Regional Councils to be informed.”


I will keep you informed of any developments.


Yours sincerely,



Mick Cash 

General Secretary

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SWT Pay Talks update for 2014





Dear Colleagues,




A detailed written submission was made to the company in September outlining members aspirations, as follows;


1. A substantial increase in rates of pay to reflect real improvement in salaries/wages. 
2. An increase in annual leave.
3. A reduction in working hours with a target of 32 hours per week for all members,        without loss of pay.
4. An improvement in Family Friendly policies.
5. Improved Travel facilities
6. Improved London & Regional Allowances.


In addition to these we asked the company to commit to discussions on restructuring Retail and Fleet grades. We have now met with the company on two occasions and received an offer with two options.


Option 1

Year 1. An increase of 1.9% or £450 on basic rates of pay whichever is the greater.

Year 2. An increase of RPI (as measured Aug 2015) minus 0.25%


Option 2

Year 1. An increase of 2.1% on basic rates of pay.

Year 2. An increase of RPI (as measured Aug 2015) minus 0.25%.


Your representatives pressed for responses for the conditions we were seeking improvement upon particularly as, in some cases, such as leave, hours and restructuring because these had not been considered for improvements for many years.  


The company replied there would be as part of this offer; 


• No increase in London or Regional allowances these would remain the same.
• No commitment to discussions on restructuring for Fleet and Retail grades.
• No improvement in Family Friendly arrangements.
• No reduction in hours.
• No improvement in holidays.


Your representatives advised the company that both options were unacceptable as neither met cost of living and did not address any of the improvements we wished to see in working conditions. In terms of low paid staff the offers made in fact would, see more of our 







members needing to source government income benefits as result of, not being able to meet increasing bills with the level of pay offered.


The company advised that the offer was made based upon affordability, the current climate of 1% average increases in wages around the country and, the increased payments to the DFT.


In response the Trade Unions reminded the company that they were enjoying healthy profits and staff are as important as shareholders and should not be expected to bear the cost of DFT payments based upon the company’s business plan, it had agreed when, bidding for the franchise. Our members had now for the last two years received less than inflation increases leading to a real reduction in money terms to meet the cost of bills and lowering their spending ability.  Company profits were good and staff should receive fair reward of these. 


The meeting was adjourned for the company to further consider the responses from the Trade Unions. A further meeting has been scheduled for 18th Dec 2014.


Members are advised your representatives are pushing hard to achieve real increases and improvements in a realistic time scale and will not allow pay talks to be drift along. It is our intention these be concluded at the earliest opportunity and with your support we will seek to achieve this.  


I will keep you informed of future events. However you should take every opportunity to attend your local branch and seek further detailed information from branch officers and local representatives as well as, having your say how you wish your negotiators to proceed.



Yours Sincerely,


Mick Tosh 

RMT Regional Organiser Wessex

Tel : 07900 877720










Union Headquarters

Unity House  39 Chalton Street ■ London ■ NW1 1JD    ■    Tel: 020 7387 4771  Fax: 020 7387 4123

Helpline: 0800 376 3706 ■ email:



Monday, November 03, 2014

Political Fund (Ballot Result)






To: All Branches, Regional Councils and Regional Organisers


3rd November 2014


Circular No. NP222/14



Dear Colleague 


96% Vote YES to retain the RMT Political Fund 


I am very pleased to be able to inform you that RMT Members have voted by an overwhelming 96% in favour of retaining the RMT Political Fund. 


On a turnout of 31%, 21,435 (96.5%) voted to retain the fund with 768 (3.5%) against. 


In the previous ballot ten years ago RMT members voted by 88% to retain the Political Fund and this is the fourth time members have voted to keep their Political Fund since the Tory government in the 1980s introduced legislation requiring trades unions to hold a postal ballot of members every ten years. 


The result means that the RMT can continue to campaign in the political arena on the issues that matter to our members including public ownership, a safe and secure job, pay, pensions and employment rights.


I would like to thank all members who have voted to continue the RMT’s Political voice and campaigned to achieve this fantastic result. 


Yours sincerely  




Mick Cash

General Secretary 


Monday, October 27, 2014

South West Trains Pay Talks (2014) Update

There is not a great deal to report on from the meeting we had with the Company, we was briefed on how the economy is still weak, and that the talks that we will have with them will be challenging, we didn't respond to this, all 3 Trade Unions spoke on their respective pay submissions and the company have advised that they will respond accordingly.

The RMT will always campaign for a reduction in the working week for all grades that the RMT represents and forms part of the pay submission.

To advise that no % pay offer was presented by the company! and that further talks will take place with the next meeting scheduled for the 17th November 2014...

We will update you further as these talks progress...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Inflation rates

Head Office Circular No. NP/185/14

To the Secretary all Branches,
Council of Executive members,
Regional Councils and Regional Offices.

Tuesday 16th September 2014

Dear Colleagues,

New Inflation Rates

The Office for National Statistics has published inflation figures for the twelve months to August.

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) stood at 2.4% for the year toAugust 2014, down from 2.5% for the year to July 2014.

The Consumer Prices Index (CPIstood at 1.5% for the year to August 2014, down from 1.6% for the year to July 2014.

Further information will follow in the Pay Bulletin presently.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Keep the Guard on the Train , keep the the Train Safe- Badges







Please Respond


Circular No IR/220/14



To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils



Our Ref: BR2/0317

28th August 2014



Dear Colleagues




The following resolution was adopted at this year’s Annual General Meeting:-


 “This Branch has noticed in the last few weeks that many train companies are asking staff members to remove the RMT keep theGuard on the train, keep the guard safe badges using many excuses for them to be removed. Some of our members have been threatened with disciplinary action by managers if they don’t remove them.


Train companies have uniform policies which include one union badge. We believe that any company that are asking our members to remove them constitutes anti-union intimidation and harassment.


We ask this AGM to instruct the General Secretary to write to all train operating companies requesting their views on this badge and the reasons why, if they have banned them, also asking for commitment to keep the Guard on every train.”


The General Grades Committee has now had the opportunity to consider this matter and has instructed me to write to all Branchesand Regional Councils seeking examples of RMT members who have been threatened and/or disciplined for wearing official RMT badges.


I would be most grateful if you could bring the content of this circular to the attention of all your members and I will keep you advised of any developments.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash

Acting General Secretary

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Changes to a Rail Staff Travel Concessions - 12 Months Trial







Circular No IR/213/14



To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils



Our Ref: BR1/12/2

21st August 2014



Dear Colleagues




I am pleased to bring to your attention an important change to the calculation of privilege fares for eligible railway staff which is to be trialled for a 12 month period from this September. The discount available for eligible rail staff, known as the "Priv" rate has been set at 75% of the full-price fare ever since it was established under British Rail and subsequently incorporated into the Rail Staff Travel Scheme when this was set up. Using the current fare names, this means the Anytime Fare is used to calculate the "Priv" fare.


On and from 7th September 2014 (date of sale), a 12 months' trial is to commence and the fare on which a "Priv" fare is to be calculated is being expanded to include day and period walk-up off-peak fares (including super off-peak fares). The time restrictions applying to these tickets will also apply to the "Priv" discounted ticket. "Priv" fares continue to be available at ticket offices and on train (if the ticket office is not open on at the departure station).


However, the following fares are not covered under this trial:-


Advance Purchase fares
Season Tickets
Any fares that include a London Travelcard
Non-safeguarded (i.e. TOC staff only) any fares that include London Underground zone fares unless making a through-London journey.


This new "Priv" rate fare will be available for leisure travel by:-


Safeguarded staff using their Staff Travel Card (no need to date a box).
Non-safeguarded staff using the TOC Privilege Car
FIP card holders will also now be eligible for discounts on the additional fare types at their prevailing discount rate - typically 50%.


Two examples of the new discounts are shown below (standard class return journey):-


1. Carmarthen to Abergavenny


Current situation


£38.40 Fare available to the public for this journey (Off-Peak Return).

£17.20 "Priv" fare- based on "Anytime" fares


From 7th September 2014


£38.40 Fare available to the public for this journey (Off-Peak Return).

£9.60 New "Priv'' fare based on "Off-Peak" fares


Reduction in "Priv'' fare of £7.60 (44%)


2. London to Manchester


Current situation


£79.70 Fare available to the public for this journey (Off-Peak Return)

£80.25 "Priv'' fare- based on "Anytime" fares


From 7th September 2014


£79.70 Fare available to the public for this journey  (Off-Peak Return)

£19.95 New "Priv" fare based on "Off-Peak" fares


Reduction in "Priv'' fare of £60.30 (75%)


I would be most grateful if you could bring this matter to the attention of your members.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash

Acting General Secretary



Monday, March 31, 2014

No 2 EU

To: All Branches, Regional Councils and Regional Organisers

31st March 2014
Circular No. NP064/14

Dear Colleague


RMT is participating in the NO2EU – YES TO WORKERS’ RIGHTS election campaign this coming May. As you know Bob saw this campaign as essential to highlighting the anti-worker drive of the European Union.

At a time when the European Union is attacking workers rights and developing legislation to underpin transport privatisation, it is more important than ever to support this campaign.

Donations to NO2EU can be made from branch political funds, and I strongly urge all branches to contribute.

The campaign was successfully launched at the TUC Congress, regional committees have beenset up to carry it forward, and leaflets and a party political broadcast are being produced. All this requires finances and the active support of branches.

Cheques can be made out to NO2EU and sent to Unity House. Bank transfer details are below.

Account number: 20222295
Sort code: 08-60-01

The campaign against the EU’s anti-worker agenda has been part of the union agenda for some years, and needs your help to continue.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary