Saturday, January 20, 2007


Revenue Protection Strategy Dear Colleagues The consultation meeting on the 30th November 2006 and the 01st December 2006 discussed the future of The Revenue Protection department. The unions only accepted the principles for the changes that were needed under the company business plan. It was not a negotiating meeting, and unfortunately the unions were not in a position to agree or fail to agree the framework of ideas raised. For people applying for the new positions, such as Gate line Assistants and station RPA’s, the rosters will be consulted in before any of them are recruited. The RPI grade will remain on their existing rosters, this includes RPA’s who opt for the train teams. Under the SWT 1996 bargaining procedures, it states that rostering is a negotiable item. This means to RMT members, Concerns about any future proposed roster changes would be discussed at LDC level. For the benefit of future discussions on this topic, if employees do have concerns about getting to and from work, they should write a letter addressed to their local Revenue Protection Rep’s, mentioning the start and finish times that you have always worked!, (i.e. the times given to you when you accepted the job) As this will help ensure your travel arrangements will be noted. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Rep, to ensure you have the correct information on this issue. Misinformed news can cause distress when the facts are not really known. Best wishes. P Bialyk, Transport House, Victoria Street Bristol, BS1 6AY 0117 925 5018 Fax 0117 925 5019

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