Friday, January 26, 2007


The Retail Company Reps along with the Regional Organiser met with the company on the 23rd January 2007,where the consultation documents were discussed and examined at length.We also discussed the minutes from the Retail Company Council meeting on the 14th December 2006.Phil Bialyk made it clear to the company about our members concerns in relation to the RPA option forms that the date for staff to make a decision as to what they can choose was not sufficent and would need more time because the staff could not make a deceision because local negotiations had not taken place. The company agreed for the date to be extended to allow staff to make a deceision on their option,and if members had signed their option form and feel that they would like to change their deceision then this has been agreed all you have to do is ask for a new option form to say if you wish to go on train or on station. The second concern was the start and finishing times for staff in the metro and mainline about staff being stranded at various locations,the company recognised that there was a problem and stated that members of staff would not be stranded because of earlier start and late finishes and that all genuine cases would be accommodated. There are opportunities for staff to put forward additional rosters for those volunteers who wish to work later and start earlier as this is an negotiable item. The bussiness hours of start and finishing times have been dealt with under consultation but the hours between these are negotiable. If Health and Safety Reps could monitor any incidents these being verbal and physical assaults and report them in writing to the LDC reps,and also use the resources of both the British Transport Police and the Travel Safe Officers.If you can also make sure that risk assesements are up to date for locations also. Do not put yourself in danger or confrontation. The mainline LDC reps are going to be briefed by the outcome of the company council meeting and this will be carried out by the Company Council Rep and this will take place on the 24th January 2007. The metro reps will be briefed on the 25th January 2007,these meetings have been arranged so that the local reps can put there concerns and questions to us for disscusion. It is important that both Metro and Main line reps keep each other informed of progress. We would like to advise you all that Phil Bialyk nor the Retail Company Council have signed the draft copy of as this has to go to the RMT Council of Executive for recommendation.

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