Saturday, March 31, 2007


The Retail Company Council Reps along with your Relief Regional Organiser met with the Company on the 30th March 2007 to discuss the Fail to agree of rosters from the metro area,prior to the meeting we met with the local reps to clarify the issues that needed to be raised. The main concern was that staff required further clarification on staff members getting to and from work.We had talks with the company on this and an agreement was sort in which all parties agreed with including the local reps. The Agreement is as follows: 1. The Company Council agreement for the introduction of revised Revenue Protection staffing arrangements provides that if an existing RPA opting for either an on train or Stations position has genuine diffuculty covering the rostered turns the circumstances will be dealt with on an individual bases.Furthermore,at the Company Council meeting on the 23rd January 2007 it was confirmed that the commitment is that through the changes to starting/finishing times,existing revenue protection staff have genuine difficulty getting to work then their situation will be looked at on an individual basis.The company acknowledges the potential problem for existing staff and the aim is to ensure that staff with genuine travelling problems are not stranded. 2. On this basis local discussions,between local management and the local representatives,on the roster for the Metro Area RPI's (Trains) and RPA's (Trains and Stations) will be reconvened to agree a roster based on the hours of coverage and starting and finishing times proposed by the local management on th 25th January 2007 based on business needs. These local discussions are to commence sraight away and will be completed in time for a proposed roster start date of the 03rd June 2007 at the latest. In accordance with the agreement made at Company Council,the Company Council will review the overall effectiveness of the rosters,16 weeks following the roster start date. 3.All existing RPA's and RPI's in the Metro Area wil be asked in writing to notify their Route Revenue Manager should they have any "genuine difficulty" covering the agreed rostered turns.Individuals should respond giving the required details within 7 days of the letter.If following consideration by the local manager the individual is not satisfied with the outcome then the individual's case will be reviewed by the Company Council to ensure the principals of the agreement have been applied.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that there does not seem to be anyone adding comments to the blog site. After all the hard work that your reps do to inform you of what is and may happen, no one seems to care.
I would like to congratulate all the RMT SWT representative and appreciate all that you do.
Good on ya all.
Paul McDonnell

RMT SWT Retail Company Council said...

Thanks for that Paul


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