Saturday, April 14, 2007

FLEET Re-Organisation

Further to the meetings we have had with the Company in reference to Fratton Train Care Depot with the withdrawl of the class 442 units and the reduction of berthed stock in the depot on the day shift,the company provided a consultation document to remove the positions of the Train Presenatation staff on the day shift. The Company Council Team have been representing our members at the depot for the first stage of the displacement interviews who are effected by this which also involves the Maintenance grade and the Work Shop Grades within this depot. Also in the Consultation document Wimbledon Park is also under a re-organisation which involves certain positions being removed within the Fleet departement. A meeting has been arranged for the 17th April 2007 to get an update from the company on the progress on these issues and which an option is in place where staff do have the option to take voluntary redundancies if they wish to. Further developments on this will be posted after the meeting.

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