Thursday, April 19, 2007


As previously advised the Retail Company Council with the Regional Organiser P.Skelly met with the Company at a reconvened meeting on the 18th May 2007 in relation to the Fail to Agree of Metro Rosters,we advised the company that the RMT Council were not going to make any agreement with the company or agree any rosters on the behalf of the LDC Reps,we seeked further clarification on the agreement we reached on the 30th March 2007. The clarification is as below,it outlines that the company came to a comprimise by stating that they would agree 3 Free Days on a Saturday in an 8 week cycle. Company Council Meeting Dated 18th April 2007 to resolve the Fail to Agree on Metro Area Revenue Protection On Train Rosters. Further clarification of the agreement reached on the 30th March 2007is given as follows: 1. The hours of coverage and starting and finishing times ,including number of turns at those times,are determined according to business needs,as set out in the roster proposed by local management on the 25th January 2007. 2. The local discussions on the roster will be to agree a roster that meets the hours,times and turns set out in (1) above and to agree the placement and pattern of free days in order to meet this.The number of free days on any given calender day within this 8 week cycle will permit the placement of work as set out above. 3. In relation to the placement of Free Days in the roster,management will increase the number of Saturday Free Days within an 8 week cycle to 3,which will also facilitate ann element of 9 hour 15 minute shifts within the roster. 4. Number of continious days worked will be determined by the placement of Free Days within the 8 week cycle,ensuring adherence to points 1-3 above. It is agreed that local discussions,between local management and the local revenue representatives,on a roster for the metro area RPI's (Trains) will be reconvened to negotiate and agree a roster based on 1-4 above.Staff Side Representatives of the Company Council will attend the local meeting to ensure the above is applied. The further local discussions will commence straight away to achieve the roster start date of 3rd June 2007.

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