Thursday, April 26, 2007


The local Reps from the Metro area will meet the Company today to discuss further the fail to agree of rosters,and to discuss the proposal that was presented to the Company Council on the 18th April 2007,also in attendance is a Company Council Rep to oversee that the Principals are applied by the Company. Will keep you posted on further developments on this.

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Comerade M Still said...

Metro fail rosters eventually reluctantly were agreed after having registered 2 failure to agrees.We LDC Reps at Metro stuck out on the Saturdays and were prepared to go into dispute over the amount of saturday freedays in our 8 weelk rosters. The Company wanted 2 Freedays out of 8 Saturdays and all our 9:15 shifts replaced by 7:24.The Company conceded in compromising, by allowing us the 4 Freeday saturdays out of 8 and reduce the 9:15 by half. As there was a compromise we agreed rosters, as the alternative would have been a dispute and RP members balloted for industrial action. The whole thing about splitting our department and belligerently bringing in more anti social working is absolutely appalling and really unnecessary. All RP staff working under the new strategy should report all incidents-potential and verbal/physical assualts to prove it is not safe doing RP duties at these silly times.

Take care everyone