Thursday, April 26, 2007


HOT OF THE PRESS Following negotiation talks from the metro area reps with the company,we wish to advise that an agreement has been made with the company on the Fail To Agree of their rosters. The Retail Company Council have advised the Lead Officer Phil Bialyk of this and have asked for Phil to write to The RMT's executive of this and for a recommendation to be put forwards to enable this to be signed off.

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M Still said...

The LDC reluctantly agreed the rosters after 2 failure to agrees, because the Company conceded in making some compromise. If we failed to agree for them 3rd time there would be a risk that the rosters would get imposed and any compromise withdrawn.

The parameters of 05:20 to 00:30 had been consulted At Company council and were not negotiable at LDC level.The Company Council RMT Reps managed to get the Company to make a committment, that genuine cases would be dealt with on an individual basis We did mange to keep the 4 saturdays off in our 8 week roster, but unfortunatly lost 2 weeks of 9:15, therefore losing 1 freeday every 4 weeks.It is true that we could have gone into dispute and had a ballot and got 100% backing from the RMT.The Revenue Protection Members were not ready for this and would not have thanked the RMT for the sacrifices you have to make to win a dispute.The rosters and times will be trialed for 16 weeks from the 03rd of June.

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