Sunday, May 06, 2007

Station Staff Re-Structuring

Waterloo Branch Members have supported a resoloution to be sent to Head Office to request that talks are commenced with SWT to discuss about these grades being re-structured,the Retail Station Grades have been left out whilst other grades have been restructured.These grades are the lowest paid staff and require to be recognised as other grades are. We would ask other Branches to follow suit in this.

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M Still said...

Restructuring from a Company point of view has never been about improving members pay, terms and conditions, but about efficiency, flexibility,productivity and to save money! The Fleet, Train crews and Revenue Protection restructuring saved the Company millions of pounds. A lot of restructured members say they are worse off and have appalling conditions.Restructuring is not the be all and end all. Beware if the station grades are restructured tomorrow, they could end up a lot worse off, for example-just getting a couple of grand on the basic, but then having to work longer variable times and have a change of duty imposed 12 hours before the next shift, as the Guards have now! Sundays & Bank holidays in the working week, every day would be a wednesday.The RMT wants the best deal for Station grades, so far all offers have not been acceptable and would have made them poorer than they are now. All grades need to be united in getting harmonised pay, terms & coinditions through battle, as we rightfully did in 2001!