Friday, May 30, 2008

ATTEMPT TO CULL 120 TICKET OFFICE JOBS NEWS RELEASE May 30, 2007 SWT ticket-office cull will be fought ‘all the way’, says RMT Union urges passengers to protest at cost-saving cuts plan SHOCK PLANS by South West Trains to cull 120 ticket-office jobs will be fought all the way, Britain’s biggest rail union said today. The cost-saving measure, which would affect 114 stations, will be fought by every means available, including strike action if necessary, RMT said after being informed of the plan. “This is a direct attack on station-staff jobs and the service offered to passengers and it will be fought all the way, with industrial action if necessary,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today. “Railway staff and passengers alike need to see more staff on stations and trains, not fewer, and cutting ticket offices should not be an option. “There are already too few staff on stations, but if these plans are allowed to go ahead we will see even more ticket offices closed at weekends and in the evenings, leaving even more stations deserted of staff. “That means a worse service, but it also means more danger of assault, both for our members and for people travelling alone at night. “South West Trains is putting its profits ahead of service and safety, and I would urge passengers to tell South West Trains that they will not accept any further cuts in station staffing,” Bob Crow said. ends For further information contact Derek Kotz on 020 7529 8803

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