Friday, May 23, 2008


Below is an outline of items that were discussed at the recent Fleet Company Council meeting on the 20th May 2008.If you require further information then please do not hesitate to e-mail this site with a comment: COVERING OF SHUNTERS TURNS FOR MB GRADES AT CLAPHAM YARD This issue was raised in relation to the covering of shunters turns at Clapham Yard in regards how A/L and Vacancies are being covered within this Depot,and that our sister union ASLEF were invited to a meeting without anyone from the RMT to discuss the issue of how turns are covered within the Shunting Grades. As the RMT have negotiating rights for this grade it was decided that this item be referred back to Local Level and placed on the Agenda of the next Depot meeting where I will be invited to attend this meeting to discuss this issue and will be attending future meetings on behalf of our MB grades this Union represent. TRAIN PRESENTATION WATERLOO It has been raised at local level in regards the shortage of staff at Waterloo and the lack of advertising of vacancies within this grade,this item was raised at Council level and the Company have advised that due to issues that have occurred where staff have left,which has left a number of vacancies. Therefore the Company have advised that a Consultation Document which is about to be finalised on completion this will be presented to the Fleet Company Council to discuss the principals of the document.It was raised by us that staff are under a lot of pressure due to the shortage of staff and sickness was on the up. DIFFERENTIAL OF RATE OF PAY CB1/RO1 The issue which has been raised on several occasions at both Company Council Level/Branch Level and also by the Regional Organiser with the HR Director,where at this point it was decided to refer this item back to Company Council level. The Company recognised that this was an issue that had been going on for some time,and responded by saying that if existing R01 staff wished to transfer to a CB1 then this would be honoured by the Company. In reference to the issue of the differential of pay between these 2 grades the Company responded to say that there was a weekly difference of approx £8-00 per week between a R01 and CB1.A report on this issue will be sent by the Regional Organiser to the General Secretary for further consideration. RMT TRAIN MAINTENANCE WORKERS CHARTER To advise all members of the Fleet Function that the RMT are about to Launch a Charter for the Train Maintenance Workers Grade,and a campaign will be launched by the RMT where posters will be produced to advertise in workplace depots. I have forwarded to Head Office Names of all Fleet Reps and Co-opted to enable copies of the Charter Booklet to be sent out to Reps. REVENUE PROTECTION CONSULTATION DOCUMENT The Company met with the Council Reps along with the RMT Lead Officer to discuss a Consultation Document in relation to Ticket Gates at existing gate lines and new Ticket Gate line projects. Staff effected by this were briefed by the Company Council Reps at various locations within SWT to advise them of the changes,I have enclosed a copy of the Consultation document for your reference should members wish to view this. SOUTH WEST TARINS-RETAILING STRATEGY To advise all that the Company have invited the Company Council along with the Regional Organiser on the 30th May 2008 to discuss the above issue,upon completion I will be In a position to advise the Branch further upon completion of this meeting at the next Branch Meeting.

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