Thursday, May 15, 2008


Circular No: IR/127/08 14th May 2008 TO ALL BRANCHES, REGIONAL COUNCILS AND REGIONAL OFFICES Dear Colleagues, SOUTH WEST TRAINS GATELINE / REVENUE PROTECTION STAFF The union recently received a proposal from South West Trains to recruit 144 staff to assist with the operation of new automatic ticket gates to be installed at a total of 13 stations, including Waterloo. This proposal is of concern as it has severe implications for the future of our Revenue Protection members within South West Trains. The company propose that RPA’s who currently work trains will - hopefully voluntarily - switch to working on the gates, thankfully with no reduction in their rates of pay. We have already secured assurances that any members who do not wish to switch will continue in their current role until natural wastage takes it course where the new positions will be phased in over time. Negotiations to date have secured that there will be no reduction in current staff numbers, no members of staff will be downgraded and rates of pay will be protected. During next week, Company Council Representatives will be visiting members at affected depots to explain the Union’s position. The GGC has been made aware of the proposals and as negotiations have yet to be concluded, I have been instructed to keep the GGC informed of all developments including the company’s final position. I will, of course, keep members informed of any developments and the final outcome. Yours sincerely, Bob Crow General Secretary

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