Saturday, August 02, 2008

Activities of Associated Train Crew Union (ATCU)

Circular No. NP/84/08/AG 29th July 2008 TO: ALL BRANCHES, REGIONAL COUNCILS & REGIONAL ORGANISERS Dear Colleague, Activities of Associated Train Crew Union (ATCU) I wrote to Branches and Regional Councils on 10th July 2008, documenting the activities of former ASLEF members forming the Associated Train Crew Union. I warned RMT members that they should rebuff robustly attempts by this organisation to gain a presence in depots across the rail network. The RMT is writing a joint letter with ASLEF and TSSA to each train and freight operating company, requesting they agree that in no circumstance will they recognise ATCU. We are also asking the operators to remind local managers that only ASLEF, TSSA and the RMT are the recognised unions in the workplace for Union representation purposes. We will be advising the train operators that failure to confirm ATCU will not be recognised could result in us being in dispute. At this stage it is important to be vigilant against ATCU activity, whilst at the same time affording it as little publicity as possible. Yours sincerely, Bob Crow General Secretary

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