Friday, October 10, 2008


As previously advised the RMT negotiating team met with the Company to discuss the 2008 Pay round,to advise all that a date has been arranged but are awaiting confirmation on this,as soon as we can confirm we will advise,and update all on the outcome of the meeting and how the talks are progressing.


Mark Still News said...

Inflation hit a 16-year high in September but the year-long spiral in the cost of living could soon be over, experts said.

Economists said the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), which hit 5.2% (excluding rents & Mortgages)

September's CPI was the highest since the benchmark was introduced in 1997 and the biggest since March 1992 by historic data. A year ago it stood at 1.8%.

After energy price hikes - and an earlier round of increases in January - electricity prices are up 30.3% and gas costs up almost 50% year on year.

RMT SWT Retail Company Council said...

Thankyou mark for this information.