Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Following the Meeting your Negotiating team had with the Company on the 24th October in relation to the October pay Review,and the request by this Union to ask the Company to looking at increasing the offer of 4% and various issues from our Pay Submission. The Company reviewed some our issues put to them and the response are as below:
  • Full Travel Facilities for all non Protected Staff: the Company recognised our position but responded that this was a National Issue and the request was declined,but this item will remain as a priority for this Union.
  • Paternity/Maternity: The response from the Company was that the current arrangements in place are sufficient and the Company were not prepared to move forward on increasing this arrangement.
  • Harmonisation on CB/RO Grades Fleet Waterloo: The Company responded that the option for the RO's to transfer to the CB grade is still available.
  • Payment for lower grade staff: The Company will respond pending on this Unions position on the % payrise.
  • Travel Pass for Dependents when staff have retired: Company agreed to look at this pending on the % payrise

This a break down of what took place at the meeting on the 24th October,and the Company have offered an improved offer and have now offered 4.4% backdated to the 01st October 2008.

A further meeting is to be arranged to discuss the pay offer,as this Union has not agreed with the Company on this % payrise,as we have asked the Company to look at increasing this %.

More Information on this will be published as soon as a further meeting is arranged and the outcome of this meeting will be published on this site.


Mark Still News said...

Increases of for:
18% Electricity
28% Gas
14.5% Food
20.2% Petrol
6.5% Water

RMT SWT Retail Company Council said...

Ok Thanks