Wednesday, February 04, 2009


To advise you all that your Company Council Reps along with Regional Organiser met with the Company today by their request and us not knowing what this meeting would be about. Upon arriving at the meeting we were told by the Company that they plan to cut a further 180 jobs on top of the 480 jobs they plan to cut a week ago.We as a Union will do everything in our power to prevent these jobs that we have fought for over the years. We also requested that the Company give us an agreement that they would not false members of staff affected out on Compulsory redundancy,the Company advised us that they were not in a position to honour this request We then advised the Company that if we did not get this agreement by the 10th February 2009 then we will have no choice but to advise them formallythat we would be in dispute with them over this which may lead to Balloting members affected for Industrial Action. Because this may affect someone else today but could affect you tommorow,so lets stick together and give all our Brothers and Sisters support in this major issue that we have with South West Trains. The Company Council along with the Regional Organiser met with the Unions Executive and the National Officer Assistant General Secretary Pat Sikorski to discuss the first proposal by the Company to reduce some 480 jobs,and a Campaign will be launched to protect these jobs. More information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.....

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