Wednesday, March 11, 2009


SOUTH WEST TRAINS REDUNDANCIES MANAGEMENT’S LIES UNTRUTHS AND MORE LIES Question – Where’s my Pay? Simple - Brian Souter and SWT don’t want to pay it and they cannot hide behind the lie that there is some doubt as to whether your union accepted the 4.8% increase. In a letter to the company dated 17th February I stated that we accept the 4.8% offer and asked for it to be paid at the earliest opportunity. Following their letter asking for clarification I wrote “Please note the RMT accepts the 4.8% offer and would like this implemented and paid as soon as possible. I do not feel I can make this any clearer.” What part of the RMT accepts the 4.8% offer do the company not understand – they have been told twice and other than write it in blood I don’t know what we can do to make our position any clearer. Any so-called delay in accepting the offer was so that we could contact you and ask for your views in a democratic way in a referendum. We wanted to help the lower pay but this was not what management, or regrettably the other Unions wanted so we accepted the 4.8% offer. Question – Why won’t Souter pay it then? Well the number of redundancies just keeps going up and up – all of a sudden its reached 760. So if they can pay any redundancy pay based on your current rate of pay they will save a fortune but at your expense. Any redundancy pay should be 4.8% higher than will be given by SWT. Question – And Pensions, will it affect them? Yes again – and what an impact that would have on a pension that should be 4.8% higher for all the years of your retirement. Question – What if I don’t want to leave? Simple vote “Yes” for industrial action. Question – Why won’t SWT give us a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies? Well SWT will use fear to try and get you to leave. You are all ready on a reduced rate of pay because of SWT’s refusal to pay the 4.8% increase. With all the uncertainty you may feel that it is best to take the money and run, but this will not suit everyone and it is wrong that you should be semi-forced to taking redundancy against your will. USE YOUR VOTE AND VOTE YES FOR STRIKE ACTION Bob Crow General Secretary

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