Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pay Talks 2009

To advise that the RMT Negotiators along with the other trade Unions met with the Company on the 09th October 2009, and the Company have made an offer on the 2009 Pay, and the % payrise is as below, as you can see this is not acceptable and we the RMT have made this clear and said that this offer needs to be improved.

1 Year Deal Offer

  • 1 quarter of a %

2 Year Deal Offer

  • 0.75% for 2009
  • RPI + one quarter of a % for 2010

3 Year Deal Offer

  • 1% for 2009
  • RPI + half a % for 2010
  • RPI + half a % for 2011

This is an offer the RMT is not going to accept, and we have a further meeting with the Company on the 13th October to discuss this further.

We raised the point to the Company that they have not responded to any of the other Pay submission that we put forward, and they advised us that they would not go into discussion on this until the % part of the Talks have been resolved.

We will keep you updated on this issue.


Mark Still News said...

The RPI figures are not exactly beneficial to workers, as it excludes mortgages and rents, if these were included the RPI would be at least in double figures!

Waterloo News said...

Appreciate that Mark, and all this is included in the Unions Pay Submission.
The RPI of when we entered the Talks was -1.3%

We will see what happens at the Next Meeting.....and we will have to deceide as a Union what we will do next....And you know the only other option open to us, and will the Members support this....