Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bob Crow (RMT General Secretary) is on Question Time

Bob Crow (RMT General Secretary) is on Question time tonight at 22-35, on the panel with Bob is Damian Green, Sadiq Khan, Nigel Farage, and Ruth Lea.
Don't miss it
If you miss the episode click on the link below to watch the programme.. BBC NEWS Programmes Question Time


beth said...

Dear Bob
I do not have very much knowledge re politics but watching question time tonight you were the one that i agreed with completely- you were honest with your answers and that showed through - well to me anyway!!
Bob for prime minister!! You go - i trust you over anyone in the cabinet!! You seem an honest clear and people person kind of chap!
Good luck and keep on at them

beth said...
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Anonymous said...
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MW1961 said...

Well done...let's go back to the old Soviet Union....great!!! The American girl certainly deserved your diatribe on U.S. foreign policy. But let's talk about the 300 million Europeans enslaved by your heros and let's talk about what they did to their own people if they stepped out of line. By the way President Obama was 12 or 13 when Viet Nam was ending and he voted against the war in Iraq. I'm British but I have to say you are a you were on the terraces...a dinosaur!!!

samson_negassi said...

Dear Mr. Crow,
I watched question time last Thursday and I was very much impressed with your honesty, your eloquent analysis and answers. If only the western world had many people like you, then we would see fair governances. With the way the western policies are going, lead by the Americans and British administrations following like puppies, this world will turn to a living hell soon. But I pray to God that won't be the case.