Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inflation Rates August 2010

Tuesday 13th September 2010

Circular No. National Policy 164/10

To the Secretary all Branches

Regional Councils, Regional Offices and

Council of Executive members.

Dear Colleagues,

Inflation Rates

The Office of National Statistics has today published the August 2010 rates of RPI and CPI. The RPI for the twelve months to August 2010 is 4.7%. This is down slightly from 4.8% for the twelve months to July 2010.

The Government’s preferred measure of inflation, CPI, is 3.1%, the same level as for the twelve months to July 2010. The next publication date is 12th October 2010.

The largest upward pressures came from:

  • air transport where fares rose by 16.1%, clothing and footwear where prices overall rose by 2.8 per cent this year, and food where the largest upward effects came from bread and cereals, and vegetables.

Yours Sincerely


Bob Crow,

General Secretary


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