Monday, December 27, 2010

Revenue Protection Booking On & Off (South West Trains)


To advise that your Retail Company Council Representatives met with the Company this Month and one of the items for discussion was the Booking On & Off times for Revenue Protection, to advise that the Company Council Representatives after several meetings on discussion on this item have now come to an agreement on this item.

All Revenue Protection Depots with the Exception of Waterloo Depot will have 20 minutes Booking On and 20 Minutes Booking Off, Waterloo Depot will have the 30 Minutes Booking On and 30 Minutes Booking Off due to the location of this Depot and the circumstances of carrying out this task, this additional times apply while these additional times apply while the current circumstances at Waterloo exist and there will be local discussions at Local Level to agree any changes as and when the circumstances vary.

To advise that a signed agreement by the Company and the Company Council Team to reflect all the detail of this will be made available on this site and also will be sent to all the Revenue Protection LDC Representatives as soon as this has been signed by all parties.

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