Friday, January 28, 2011

Revenue Protection Strategy (South West Trains)

As you are all proberly aware the Retail Company Council Representatives were invited to a meeting under the heading of Revenue Protection Strategy, we were then informed by a presentation at first that there would be more job reductions within the Revenue Protection Grades and the CSA Grades.

To advise that we were only presented with the Consultation Document on the day and were caught out by this reduction of posts,we raised this issue that the Consultation document should of been released to us ahead of the Meeting to enable us to be prepared with this, and raised our disappointment that this didn't happen, and this I will be raising with the Lead Officer to take up with the HR Director.

It was agreed that a further Consultation Meeting was required to discuss the document further and this is in the process of being done, and will advise you of the date and the outcome of the meeting, to give you a brief over view of how many posts SWT are proposing to reduce are as below, as soon as the Consultation has been completed we will send all Revenue Protection Representatives a copy.

RPI/RPA Current Establishment      RPI/RPA Current Actual      RPI/RPA Proposed Establishment  

                  (FTE)                                    (FTE)                                      (FTE)

                   196                                      242                                         159

        (60 RPI/136 RPA)                      (58 RPI/184 RPA)               (27 RPI/132 RPA)

CSA Current Establishment            CSA Current Actual                      CSA Proposed

             (FTE)                                         (FTE)                                      (FTE)

             199                                            104                                         188

As you can see from the above the Figures are over the Agreed Establishment by 46 for Revenue Protection, so the Company are proposing to reduce some 37 posts.

The CSA positions the Company are proposing to reduce these by 11 from the Agreed Establishment

There is a lot of issues that is required to raise at the next meeting on this, and we will keep you updated on this, at present there are questions at the moment that the Company Council Representatives can't answer until the meeting has been concluded, if you require any information on this please do not hesitate to contact myself or on of the Retail Company Council Representatives numbers and e-mail addresses below:

Michael Campbell Mobile:07714 667 729                 e-mail:

John Donoghue    Mobile:07861 748 507                 e-mail:

If you can please pass on to any Revenue Protection/CSA e-mail addresses that you may have, I have sent this to most of them including Representatives.

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