Sunday, February 20, 2011

Revenue Protection Job Cuts (South West Trains)

To advise all that the Regional Organiser and the Retail Company Council Representatives met with the Company for a further Meeting under Consultation in respect of the recent announcement of Job Cuts for Revenue Protection on South West Trains. Below is an outline of the points raised and the responses:
  • All Customer Service Assistant Vacancies have been frozen to accommodate Revenue/ CSA Staff who are displaced
  • Arrangements for staff that are displaced will be protected by the PTR&r arrangements and the G464 agreement will apply
  • Customer Service Assistant Members that are on hours that are agreed between the company and the individual will where possible be offered alternate locations where hours suit, if not the members will be used to best advantage at their present location.
  • For those who are displaced and if more than 1 person applies for a position/location then a selection process will apply
  • All staff that have been seconded into other roles will be treated exactly the same and are part of the existing establishment figures presented to this Union.
  • Redundancy: The Company will respond to the Regional Organiser on this issue and an update on this will be given to all when none.
  • Part Time CSA staff will not fill full Time posts on a permanent bases, and will only be temporary and will recruit full time posts.
  • This is an outline of todays meeting and we will keep you posted on further developments, John Donoghue (Company Council Representative for Revenue Protection/CSA) will be present at all roster meetings when arranged to ensure that the principals that are layed down at Company Council level are adhered to but will not participate in any roster Negotiations. this will be done by the respected LDC Representatives.

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