Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joint Union Statement on RMT/TSSA Talks-No 6

Dear Colleagues


With reference to the above, I can confirm that the following statement was issued by Gerry Doherty and Bob Crow today:


“TSSA and RMT met again as planned on Tuesday 18 October 2011 for further friendly and constructive talks concerning the political strategies for a potential new union.

“There was consensus that a political fund is an essential part of a potential future new union.  The role of our current political funds was discussed which include affiliation to the Labour Party, political education of trade union members and support for organisations and campaigns in line with union policies and rule books. It was accepted that in a potential new union it would be important to have clear prohibitions against political funds being used to support fascist or racist organisations, parties and individual candidates. 

“It was understood that it was important to have parliamentary representation in national and regional parliaments and assemblies. 

“However, further discussions are required on a number of unresolved related issues.”

The next meeting will be held on 1 November 2011 to allow both negotiating teams to attend the lobby and rally of Parliament against the proposals in the McNulty Report.  We strongly encourage all members of both unions to attend this very important event on Tuesday 25th October 2011 at the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster at 12 noon.


Gerry Doherty (TSSA)

Bob Crow (RMT)

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