Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LDC positions (Retail Grades)

To advise that there is currently elections taking place for Vacant and positions that are currently up for LDC posts.

Some posts have been refilled and some are pending ballots due to 1 or more candidates being nominated for posts.

If you are aware of Vacancies that are within your area that you are interested in applying for, then please contact one of the Retail Company Council Reps where their contact details are on the left hand side of this website, where they will be able to assist you on next steps and if there are vacancies, it is important that we ensure that all positions are filled to ensure that your location is fully represented.

All new Reps will be trained upon taking up their post.

And very shortly a spread sheet will appear on this site displaying all your Reps that are in place and also the vacancies in all areas.

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