Thursday, December 06, 2012

South West Trains 2012 Pay Talks update

2012 South West Trains Pay Talks Update

To advise that your Negotiators below met with the Company on the 06th December 2012 to discuss the Pay anniversary date for October 2012.

The Company have made an opening offer to all Grades of 1.7% and a payment of £350.00 on all grades where their basic falls under £21,000 per year, also this a 1year offer with no offer to increase the London Allowances.

We also raised that we need to have further talks on the reduction of the Guards hours, and the company have advised that they have received ideas on how this can be achieved and have stated that they are currently putting costs to these ideas.

We have advised the Company that we are rejecting this offer and have asked the Company to look at this offer, which they have and we will be re-convening a further Pay talks meeting in January 2013, we will advise you of the date when known.


Pete Gale (Regional Organiser)

Company Council

Rickey Goodman
John Imm
John Donoghue

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