Monday, January 07, 2013

Members of the public taking pictures of staff without permission

To advise that it has been brought to our attention that members of the public have been taking pictures of staff members without asking permission.

This has been raised at Company Council level and was informed by the Company that British Transport police have advised them that this is not against the law to carry this out.

To advise that we have now asked for a legal opinion from the Union solicitors to see if what BTP are saying us correct.

As soon as we get a response on this we will update you further.


Brian Robertson said...

Typical RMT tossers.

Ben More said...

What have you got to hide unless you are doing something you shouldn't.

Railway staff are a part of everyday station life so should be photographed as such.

Train operators take my picture on CCTV and so why cant I take staff pics?

Miketw10 said...

What if I don't want you to take my pic?
Not particularly got anything to hide, but I only want people to take a copy of my image if I consent. That would be friends & family. Not people who are potentially out to create malice