Saturday, March 02, 2013

SWT Pay Update

A meeting was held with South West Trains to discuss Oct 2012 pay on, 28th Feb.

The company advised us they were making a final offer as follows,

2.5% or £500 (whichever is the greater) on rates of pay.
2.5% increase on London waiting.
Introduction of family and friends travel concession scheme (detail to follow).

The offer was conditional on accepting a range of issues to improve the return to normal services following, disruption of services.

Your negotiaters explained to the company that we would be willing to discuss any procedure or policy the company wanted to propose however we could not be tied to accepting those proposals based upon agreeing pay.

The company have indicated they would write to the union with their offer in writing outling what they would formally propose as their final offer.

The offer has not been rejected or accepted at this time, we have asked to company to reflect on their offer before committing this to a final position.

The Regional Organiser will be making a report to the GGC once he has received the company's proposal and will keep you advised of developements.

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