Friday, April 12, 2013

2012 Pay Anniversary Talks Update

Meeting took place today with the Conpany in relation to the 2012 Pay Anniversary following the Union advising them that the current offer does not meet the aspirations of the Union.

Your negotiating team informed the company that SWT is the biggest train operating company and the profit intake needs to be considered when considering our position, and also based on the RPI figure that was standing at 2.9% prior to the anniversary of the Pay discussions, we also raised that the payment for lower grades will also need to be increased as the current minimum payment is to low.

As we expected the Company advised us that there was no more money available and that they would have to go away with our position and points we raised

There was no improved offer made by the Company at this meeting, and that they would write to the Regional Organiser outlining their position.

We will keep you posted on developments on this, as soon as we get response from the company.

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