Friday, May 31, 2013

Rates if Pay & Conditions of Service - South West Trains 2013/14


31st May 2013






I appreciate we have not yet settled pay for 12/13 but, I feel we should start the debate and campaign to achieve a more successful pay increase than, the previous couple of years.


As it looks increasingly likely that we will be accepting the 2.5% offer for the latest round, that will mean, members employed by SWT have fell behind the cost of living in real terms by almost 1% in, the last 18 months alone! This is clearly not an acceptable trend, our members deserve better and we need to adopt a more robust stance in dealing with the company.


It is of course difficult to see how we might reverse the apathy currently being experienced amongst our members after some poor ballot results in recent years however, if we do nothing and continue in the present mode of re-acting to the company measures instead of actively pursing improvements for our members we will almost certainly not, get out of the downward spiral.


We see now, far too much fragmentation of the grades over a wide range of issues. This assists the company in managing a downtrodden workforce with little or no expections of achieving real respect and dignity from decent pay and conditions.


In an attempt to get all our members united and on board to achieve an inflation busting rise for 13/14, we need to start the campaign now. This means notice boards full up with flyers about branch meetings to discuss pay, using every opportunity when speaking to members to seek theirs the views on pay and encourage them to spread the word amongst other members. We should produce a number of posters, stickers, flyers etc locally which, carry the message for better pay and conditions in the lead up to the negotiations this autumn. Lets try and get everybody talking about a REAL increase and the need to be prepared to stand and be counted to achieve this.


I am happy to attend your branch meeting's to help build this campaign LETS DO IT!


Please bring this correspondence to the attention of your branch and members.




Mick Tosh

RMT Wessex Regional Organiser




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