Thursday, February 13, 2014

Annual Leave Cover-Wessex Regional Organiser.







To: All Branches in the Wessex Regional Council and the Wessex Regional Council




Circular No MF/23/14


13 February 2014



Dear colleague


Annual Leave Cover – Wessex Regional Organiser, Bro. M. Tosh


Please be advised that the Wessex Regional Organiser, Mick Tosh will be on annual leave during the following periods:


Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th May 2014 inclusive


Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th June 2014 inclusive


Monday 21st July 2014


Wednesday 20th to Thursday 28th August 2014 inclusive


Monday 10th to Sunday 16th November 2014 inclusive


Relief Regional Organiser (South), Peter Skellywill becovering Bro. Tosh’s duties during this period and can be contacted on 07920 724 862 or by


Yours sincerely



Bob Crow

General Secretary




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