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Our Ref: BR2/1500

21st July 2015 



Dear Colleague




For some considerable time your Senior Union Representatives have been seeking a commitment from South West Trains to revisit negotiations regarding the restructuring of our station grade members. As you may recall back in 2003, restructuring negotiations collapsed as a result of South West Trains claims that they would not be able to fund a restructuring package to meet the aspirations of the RMT. Regrettably, this position still stands. Management are unwilling to enter into talks with our union representatives and the company remain adamant that any restructuring will have a financial impact. 


The matter has been subject to recent consideration byour union’s Executive Committee who notes that our South West Trains Clerical and Station grade members are amongst the very last across the country to be restructured. Indeed, it would appear that the company put no value on restructuring these grades in line with others. Furthermore, our members are angered by this unequal treatment and management’s refusal to meet with the RMT. 


It is clear that your current job roles are in need of modernisation to reflect their true nature and value. Therefore, I am seeking the views of all our affected members by way of questionnaire and I should be pleased to receive your feedback and comments. Please be advised, that your SWT Company Council Representatives have given consideration to the enclosed set of questions to ascertain which areas you would agree are suitable to negotiate and restructure your role, leading to an improvement to your basic salary and work/life balance.


I would be most grateful if you could complete and return the enclosed Questionnaire by no later than Tuesday 1st September 2015. Once I have received your feedback I will place the matter back before your union’s Executive Committee for further consideration and I will, of course, keep you fully advised on any further developments.


Best wishes.

Mick Cash 

General Secretary


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