Friday, July 14, 2006

2006, Pay negotiations

RATES OF PAY & CONDITIONS OF SERVICE, 2006 SOUTH WEST TRAINS RMT has today submitted it's pay claim for 2006 to the company. The anniversary date is the 1st October 2006. The claim is as follows:- A major enhancement to basic salaries of the lowest paid staff to combat widening pay differentials and a significant flat rate increase to be applied to those salaries in conjunction with a substantial percentage increase for all other grades Additionally, RMT wish to see progress in the following areas:- Reduction in weekly working hours Full and free travel facilities Improved London & South East Allowances Improved “family-friendly” policies The RMT is seeking early discussions on this years claim. Representing RMT members at the negotiations will be:- Phil Bialyk Regional Organiser and Company Council members Dave Butler, Brian Woods and Rickey Goodman. Members will be kept informed following meetings with the company.

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