Thursday, July 13, 2006

New And Existing Reps.

Local Representation Dear Members Could any Local Representatives who wish to attend a TUC course for either a local rep or Health & Safety, please get in contact with any Branch Secretary or a Company Council Rep or contact Head Office on Freephone 0800 376 3706.We would need to forward your details to Head Office by the first week in August for you to be able to attend a course that starts early October. For first stage courses you are entitled to paid release from your relevant Company. Could any existing Representatives within the South West Trains Area please contact one of the above or attend a Branch meeting so we can organise our area and update our files. Also, if you are in an area where you believe there is no representation, please let us know also. Standing as a local Representative If you have any doubt or questions about taking your first steps to becoming a local Rep, then please do not hesitate to contact any of the Branch Secretaries contact details available from the Branch Meeting section on this website or your Company Council Reps/Head Office on Freephone Number 0800 376 3706.

It is important that we know who the reps are so we can arrange the best training for you.

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