Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Revenue Protection

Members of the Company Council are meeting the company on the 30th November 2006 and the 01st December along with the Regional Organiser Phil Bialyk to discuss the document the company have issued us named as the Revenue Protection Stragedy. We will publish more information on the outcome of these meetings in due course.

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Anonymous said...

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but does not change the future.
Sometimes you wish that after seeing the outcome of company plans, you sit there after a hard days work and say “I wish I had stood up and said or done something about it when I had the chance”. We have all been there some time in our lives, and for many RPI’s that were around during the ballot when they first proposed the three grade structure, are probably thinking that now.
Maybe greater intention will be given to the advice that your representative give in the future, as these members of the Union that you elect, endeavour to work for the majority at all times, and stand for what is right, sometimes putting their jobs and family at risk for you the member.
To the employer it is about figures, to us, it is our livelihoods.
United you will win, divided you will lose.

Paul McDonnell
Ex SWT RPI Company Council Rep