Saturday, December 02, 2006


Further to the meetings the Company Council reps had with the company on the 30th November and the 01st December in regards the re-organisation to the Revenue Protection grades to discuss the principals. It has been agreed that the next stage would be for the Company Council Reps to brief the Revenue Protection LDC representatives on the outcome on these meetings these briefs have been arranged and will take place at Basingstoke on the 12th December 2006 at 13-00 venue to be confirmed. Comapany Council Reps as named below also the Regional Organiser from the RMT will be in attendance. Phil Bialyk (Regional Organiser RMT) Mark Still (Company Council) Brian Woods (Company Council) Rickey Goodman (Company Council)


Anonymous said...

I find it strange that SWT have been issueing Revenue Staff with new job description saying it has been agreed with the Unions.Can Bialyk tell us if he has agreed to this and what other things have he agreed to without telling the people he is representing? Ihope this is not like Judas and his 30 pieces of silver .

Mark Still said...

As soon as the consultation meetings finished management were out briefing staff, claiming the union agreed the strategy, and then putting out their own version, claiming we agreed to all hours of the day and night at company council.This was a big concern for our members as many would not be able to start or finish earlier in the Morning and later at Night. During the Month of December there was very little official information put out to our Members from our R-O's Office. Because of this, there has been lots of rumours and misinformation flying around and then, it did not help over the festive season,the members felt let down, as if there was a lack of interest from our RO,it was a horrible time being a Rep,I sent out some letters and did what I could in some depots these were not displayed probably management were pulling them off the boards. On the 04th of January all RMT Reps and RMT R-O,RMT Company Council Reps had a meeting with EC members and the Assistant General Secretary at Unity House. The Union maintains it will defend member’s terms and conditions and that the R P Strategy has not been agreed, and when rostering takes place Members will be put first by the RMT, above the Companies business needs. In the future the LDC reps must be allowed a meeting straight away with the R-O, Company Council RMT Reps, to formulate a strategy and an official RMT circular sent out to our RP members.The way forward is for all to be united together and squash these rumours, as we are here to defend our RP members and make sure they can get to work and finish at a time that their transport still runs. These are my own views.

RMT SWT Retail Company Council said...

Thanks for your comment its good members are visiting the website.As Mark has said we have had a meeting with Pat Sikorski (Assistant General Secretary) at Unity House withe the Local Reps and Company Council Reps along with Phil Bialyk this meeting took place on the 04th January 2007.
We need to advise our members within the Revenue Protection grade that yes the Consultation for this process has taken place for the Revenue Protection Stragedy,but the items for Negotiation will be taking place at Local Level and and these negotiations include rosters local and personal agreements.
The Company Council will be present at these negotiations,to insure the correct procedure is addopted.
We are aware thet rumours have been floated about in regards the Regional Organiser and the Company Council had had signed this agreement of this was not true,it was because a document that both the Regional Organiser or the Company Council had not seen was leaked by one of the SWT management team stating that this had all been agreed.
In regards Job Descriptions they are the property of the Company Council and would be discussed with the Council in the correct manner.
I trust this clarifies your concerns and if i can be of any further assistance within this matter please do not hesitate myself or one of the RMT Comapany Council Team.

Thanking you.


Rickey Goodman
Company Council Rep RMT
Tel: 07824 410 568.