Saturday, February 17, 2007


A Fleet Company Council meeting has been arranged with the company and this meeting has been arranged for the 14th March 2007.Items have been placed on the Agenda for discussion. We wish to advise members also that the Regional Organiser Phil Bialyk and Rickey Goodman Company Council Rep along with the newly elected Relief Regional Organiser Peter Skelly visited Fratton Depot on the 13th February 2007,the purpose of this visit was to advise our members of the consultation document that we was presented with by the company. This involves a re-organisation of Fratton Depot which has resulted in posts being ring fenced and some posts being removed,which will result in some of our members being displaced under this. We the RMT will do the most we can to ensure that we secure the posts we have but this is consultation but the memebers we have in these posts will be represented and protected by agreements we have these being P.T.R arrangements and workshop agreements. The visit we made to Fratton Depot and Wimbledon Park depots were very constructive and we received a lot of feed back and relevant points from our members that we will be discussing further at the Company Council Principal meeeting we have with the company on the 22nd February 2007. We will of course advise you further on developments on this issue. We would also wish to advise memebers within the Fleet Function that we will be making visits to the depots early this year.Dates will be published in due course. A news letter has also been published in reference to the above and will be sent out to depots for information on issues that are taking place within the Fleet Function. A visit was also made to Wimbledon Park depot by Rickey Goodman and Brian Woods to meet our members in reference to the re-organisation changes the company are making under consultation.This involves staff within the Technical Grade and issues were raised with us in which will be discussed at the Principal meeting also.

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