Saturday, February 17, 2007


A meeting will be taking place at Company Council Level on the 22nd February 2007 with the company to discuss the Fail to Agree of Rosters within the metro area under the Companies Revenue Protection Stragedy. The Company Council Reps along with the Regional Organiser will be meeting the LDC representatives at 13-30 prior to this meeting to discuss with the reps the issues in regards this. We will advise members further on this in due course after this meeting.


Anonymous said...


Staff Representatives produced a base roster with earliest start time of 0600

And latest finish time of 2324 for train based RPI's and RPA's with all LOCAL and INDIVIDUAL agreements being in place .

Management insisted they wanted rosters to show start time of 0520 and finish time of 00.30 .

We said a majority of our members could not get in for that time or get home after 00.30 hours since they commute from a long distance .

Management said staff who had problems should discuss with their local managers .

We insisted that we wanted a commitment that any member of staff who could not start at 0520 and finish at 0030 to get home will be allowed to work a shift whereby they could get to and from work.

Management side REFUSED to give this COMMITMENT .

Management wanted us to give the list of peoples names who had filled the forms about their inability to get into work so they could call them in for discussions individually .

We refused on the grounds that the individuals who filled the forms did not give their permission for their names to be passed to management .

Management side insisted on rosters for different depots with start time of 0520

And finish time of 0030 .

We said we wanted a base roster with local agreements applied ,the base roster showing earliest working time as 0600 and finish time of 2324 .

Management said anyone who wants can move depot to be nearer their home .

We don't object to this but what about the majority who live far away from any SWT Station ?

We also said it would be discrimination to treat people differently that is why the base roster we proposed is the same for everyone with local agreements applying .

Our main concern is that without this firm commitment staff who come in late will be disciplined and issued with Clause 9 to get rid of staff so they can pay less money by employing Gate Line Assistants who are employed at a salary of £12500 per annum .

There have been a lot of heavy handed disciplinary against staff recently with Clause 9 being issued for the slightest thing , this we feel is to get rid of lots of staff to meet the Franchise commitment of paying £1.19 billion .

If we agree to a roster where majority of our members cant meet their contract obligation it would be DISCIPLINARY and DISMISSAL.

RMT SWT Retail Company Council said...

Thanks for your feedback the Company Council along with the RMT Regional Organiser was due to meet the LDC REPS on the 22nd Feb 07 but due to our Regional Organiser being taken ill this meeting both with the reps and the Company did not take place,a meeting will be arranged in due course if Phil Bialyk returns from sick leave if not the RMT will be arranging for a relief Regional Organiser to attend,we will of course kep you updated.


Rickey Goodman/Brian Woods
Company Council Reps