Saturday, May 26, 2007


Circular No: IR0120/07 Dear colleague REVENUE PROTECTION STRATEGY – SOUTH WEST TRAINS Last November, the company tabled proposals in relation to a revenue protection strategy under the new franchise. These proposals included new working arrangements for revenue protection grades which included an increase in revenue protection jobs and a new grade of Gate Line Assistant. A number of concerns regarding the proposals were raised by our Company Council Reps at a number of meetings and negotiations and this led to four drafts of the original document being drawn up. After lengthy consultations with our local representatives and meetings at national level, it was the view of the negotiators that the outstanding issues regarding concerns over rosters had been dealt with. Also, the matter of travelling to and from work had also been resolved and accommodated. The General Grades Committee therefore endorsed the negotiating team's recommendation and accepted the final proposals. With this agreement now being signed off, our negotiators can now move on to discuss the reduction in the working week for the rest of our members at South West Trains as the revenue protection strategy matters of dispute had been holding this up for some time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our negotiators for gaining such excellent improvements from what was originally put in front of them in this matter. Yours sincerely Bob Crow General Secretary

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Mark Still said...

Unfortunatly the matter is not finished. The Company have been telling some staff that they can get to work on 4 different night buses leaving at 03:00 for a 05:20 start and the same going home at 00:30 taking 4 different night buses arriving home at 04:30. Management have now breached the spirit of the agreement made at Company Council as they are not being reasonable in applying practical solutions in a common sense approach. The LDC knew this would happen.

Company Council Agreement

No staff will be left stranded who can not get in for 0520 and get home after 0030

Revenue Protection
London Metro

Dear Comrades

You received the letters from management that you should have filled in and replied back to management, if you have any difficulty getting to and from work within the 05:20 and 00:30 Revenue Protection business parameters set by the company.

SWT managers are now in the process of responding to those of you, who have difficulties, starting and finishing with the new times. If you are not satisfied with the response from management, and believe they are not being reasonable in upholding the spirit of the agreement, then you have the right to take your concerns to Company council.

In order to successfully get your case raised at Company Council, you are required to write a letter and address it to the Company Council Reps, explaining the facts of the matter and any other information attached with the letter. You could hand your letters to your local LDC Reps, who will then refer it to Company Council.

Please get cracking and write those letters A_S_A_P, don’t leave it too late!

Also ensure you keep copies of the letters and all related correspondence concerning this issue.

Take care out there!

LDC Reps

A Ashiotis RPI Waterloo
A Raza RPA Wimbledon
G Brown RPI Waterloo
M Still RPI Richmond