Monday, May 28, 2007


Company Council Agreement No staff will be left stranded who can not get in for 0520 and get home after 0030 You should have received the letters from management that you should have filled in and replied back to management, if you have any difficulty getting to and from work within the 05:20 and 00:30 Revenue Protection business parameters set by the company. SWT managers are now in the process of responding to those of you, who have difficulties, starting and finishing with the new times. If you are not satisfied with the response from management, and believe they are not being reasonable in upholding the spirit of the agreement, then you have the right to take your concerns to Company council. In order to successfully get your case raised at Company Council, you are required to write a letter and address it to the Company Council Reps, explaining the facts of the matter and any other information attached with the letter. You could hand your letters to your local LDC Reps, who will then refer it to Company Council. Please get cracking and write those letters A_S_A_P, don’t leave it too late! Also ensure you keep copies of the letters and all related correspondence concerning this issue.

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