Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Revenue Protection (Loan Working)

Following a Company Council Meeting today with the company,and in regards the issue that has been raised with us in relation to Revenue Staff working on their own.It was raised that the company needs to sit down and have mean full talks with the Health and Safety Reps under consultation and discuss this issue further,this was accepted by the company and this should take place shortly,it was also raised that we have an agreement with the company in regards Travel Safe Officers that no loan working will take place after 22-00,and this should be looked at with the Revenue Grade also. We would appreciate if all Health and Safety Reps for the Revenue Protection Grades don't get a meeting with the Company within the next 7-10 days to discuss this issue then can you please advise me so we as the RMT can discuss this further at the next Joint Safety Committee meeting with the Directors along with our Regional Organiser. We would also urge all Revenue Protection staff only to refuse to work trains if they feel that their Safety is at risk whilst working on their own,and report this straight away,If you have any further issues with this then please do not hesitate to contact at the first point your Local Reps then your Company Council Reps.

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Mark still said...

We failed to agree on a number of issues of great importance to staff and would Like you all to back us on these matters which I will give you documentation on.
1. 7 days notice to take ad hoc leave. - over 4 years ago we agreed with management for
staff to give this notice for ad hoc leave . We aked for this to be recinded as management
were turning people down when an application was put in giving long notice. Our Terms
and condition states we are rostered leave for Spring , Summer and Winter. After
this the law kicks in . We have to give notice double the duration of the leave
reqiured e.g For 1 day's leave you give 2 day's notice.
To reject an application the employer also have to give the same period of notice .
2. Lone working on trains - The Penalty Fare procedure categorically states that for a penalty
Fare to be issued 2 staff must work together .SWT Security Code of Practice also states
we are not to interview anyone when alone . We also heve documented agreement at the
LDC meeting which this is agreed.
If our contract of employment says we have a collective bargaining procedure then why do SWT managers keep disregarding agreements which are in place ? The proper procedure is for the agreements to be recinded at the LDC meeting and not unamimously discarded by managers.
We have recinded the 7 days notice for leave but Richard Anderson thinks it is his decision to still have it in place . We want the legal procedure in place which is