Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Dear Colleagues, OPERATION OF DOORS – SOUTH WEST TRAINS You will recall last year South West Trains were again successful in winning a 10-year franchise. This was based on a proposal which included the retention of all Guards in a full operational capacity. To our dismay, South West Trains appeared to have gone back on their word when earlier this year they announced another proposal for Drivers to open the powered doors, claiming they were not imposing a driver-only operation (DOO). As a result of this recent proposal, which had ultimately given rise to RMT delivering a dispute situation, a meeting was called on the 14th June 2007. During that meeting we made it extremely clear that Guards must retain their existing responsibility for door operation and if SWT were to implement such a proposal what our response would be. We are pleased to announce that SWT have now withdrawn their proposal and their intentions expressed in the original briefing to the Guards Company Council Representatives have not been progressed. There are no changes to existing arrangements, there will continue to be a Guard on every passenger train on South West Trains and there are no future proposals to reduce the Guards role. The General Grades Committee has noted the Trade Unions determination to stand strong on this dispute and as a result of the solidarity shown, South West Trains have withdrawn their proposal of operation of doors. Yours sincerely Bob Crow GENERAL SECRETARY

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