Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Travel Safe Officers Annual Leave

In regards the Travel Safe Officers Contract this as we know was incorrect,and should have been 26 days Annual Leave as per a 9:15 Roster,so to resolve this issue it was advised by the Company Council Reps who liased with your elected Local Reps that this issue had to be resolved,and by taking on board the hours the Travel Safe Officers were working at the time were 10:15 which included a 1 hour unpaid meal break. It was agreed that in their 9:15 roster it would now include a 40 minute paid break within their 9:15 roster,which has now reduced their working week by 4 hours.This was to compensate for the 32 days Annual Leave days as per the contract.The entitlement for a 9:15 roster is 26 Days per year. It was agreed that in the year 2006 the Travel Safe Officers would receive 1 extra Annual Leave Day for this year only.

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