Tuesday, September 11, 2007


As you are aware members of the Company Council from all grades have had sveral meetings to try and achieve a reduction of the working week.These meetings were set up into different Grade groups to see if there was anything we as a Union can do to achieve a reduction in the working week,in which we have stressed to the Company that we will not touch any of our Terms and Conditions to achieve this. What happens next well seperate meetings are arranged where the Full Time Officials will be in attendance along with the Company Council Reps to look at the possible options we have and discuss them further with the company. At present the Company have not yet put a pay percentage offer on the table,we do hope this will be offered soon,and for us as a Union to Negotiate on,in with the reduction of the working week. This will be a percentage pay rise that will be offered to all Grades within the Company,and we as the RMT have stated to the company that if any other Grade Group gets offered more percentage,then the RMT negotiators will be coming back to the table for further talks. More Information will be posted on this site as the talks progress.

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