Sunday, October 21, 2007


The Negotiating team from the RMT went out to various depots to seek members opinions on the reduction of the working week,and the percentage offer put forward to our Union,it was maintained by the Fleet Grades that they would prefer the straight percentage pay rise rather than the 35 Hour working week. On the 17th October 2007 the RMT negotiators along with the Full Time Official met with the Company,and discussions took place at this meeting,but it ws agreed that the the feelings of our members was the straight pay rise was required,the issue of certain locations these being at Waterloo,Farnham,Guildford and Woking have Retail Rail Operators within the Fleet organisation who are un-restructured,and come under the conditions of the Retail. It was agreed that these Retail Grades would be looked at seperatly for the reduction of the working week,and further discussions will take place to discuss these Grade Groups. More information on this will be displayed on this website as soon as more information is available.

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