Sunday, October 21, 2007


As you all maybe aware the RMT Negotiators have been meeting with the company to try and achieve a reduction of the working week,the negotiators have split up in to seperate sub-groups in the relevant Grade Groups,this includes Retail,Fleet,Guards and Drivers. The Retail Grades met on the 16th/17th October to discuss the various options put forward to get costings on these,and the end of the meeting,the RMT along with the Full Time Official came to an understading with the Company,this understanding applies to the foloowing Grades: RAIL OPERATORS (PLATFORMS) TICKET OFFICE CLERKS (CLERICAL) TRAVEL SAFE OFFICERS REVENUE PROTECTION OFFICERS A Newsletter advising members within these Grades has been produced,and is being circulated to all staff effected. In regards the understanding we have for these Grades is not an agreement,because this will have been put beforethe Unions Council Of Executive for recommendation,and a refeferendum will be put to the members. The remaining Grades outside these Grade Groups are being dealt with seperatly under the General Grade Group,and as yet a further meeting to discuss these Grades has not yet been arranged.

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