Sunday, November 04, 2007

2007 Pay Review Meeting SWT Guards Company Council

2007 Pay Review Meeting SWT Guards Company Council Meeting 8th,9th October 2007, Notes given by SWT managementUpdate since the last news updateSince the July ‘Newsflash’, there has been a series of meetings between South West Trains and RMT and Guards Company Council representatives to look at the non-pay elements of the claims. The main item under discussion is a reduction in the basic working week — bringing it down from the present 42 hour, 5-day week. The Guards Company Council Pay Sub-Group met again on 8th/9th October with a view to reaching an agreement on the issues.What happened at the meetingThe talks were very positive and agreement was reached in principle on the areas that could form the basis of a deal to deliver a 39-hour, 4.4-day week from the December timetable in 2008. The proposed deal to fund a 39-hour, 4.4-day week includes: • Removal of 10 minutes Booking On & Off allowances • New annual leave arrangements • Defined number of more flexible spares • Sunday working arrangements • Using the 4% headline pay increase. The deal significantly increases the amount of quality free time — it gives an extra 32 Free Days (totalling 1 36 each year). Although there would be a pay freeze for 2007 (next pay review in 2008) the deal includes a one-off payment to all Guards/Commercial Guards in December this year. The amount has yet to be confirmed but it is likely to be in excess of £1,000. Who was at the meeting; SWT James Burt, Operations Director Margaret Kay, HR Director Stella Morris, Head of Guards Alan Bristow, CR0 Manager Steve Bunce, Head of Employee Relations RMT Phil Bialyk, RMT Regional Organiser Guards Company Council Representatives Dave Butler, Waterloo John Imm, Strawberry Hill Pete Brown, Weymouth What happens next? The trade union and company council will be considering their next steps towards confirming the agreement on hours reductions — this will involve consideration by the TU Executive Committee and a possible referendum of guards. There will also be a briefing for all guards local staff representatives on October.There have yet to be discussions on the company’s 4% pay offer and once these have taken place and once there is confirmed agreement on the reduced working week we will brief employees in detail on the changes. Meantime, people can talk to their manager for information.Similar meetings are taking place for other grades (Drivers, Retail, Engineering and General Groups).

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