Saturday, January 12, 2008


As you all maybe aware the Company have offered a revised pay offer for all grades within SWT,and this offer is now 4.5% which will be back dated to 01st October 2007. This revised offer has been put in front of the RMT Council of Executive and can now advise that this has now been signed off. Because of the proposals in regards the reduction of the working week for Guards and Retail Grades has not been discussed at the Unions Executive this is because the final drafts have not yet been received by the Union,and because of this slight delay this is the reason why the % pay offer has not been paid to our members,this being because part of the percentage would be used to fund the reduction of the working week if the membership decide to vote for the 35 Hour working week. Also as part of the pay deal the pertanity leave has now been improved from 1 day to now 2 days. More information will be posted here to update you all on this issue.

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