Saturday, January 12, 2008


PLEASE FIND BELOW THE DATES FOR THE WATERLOO BRANCH MEETINGS FOR 2008: 17th January 2008 07th February 2008 (Bob Crow Attending) 06th March 2008 (Paul Burton attending) 03rd April 2008 24th April 2008 (Peter Gale Attending) 29th May 2008 26th June 2008 31st July 2008 28th August 2008 25th September 2008 30th October 2008 27th November 2008 18th December 2008 Venue: The Walrus (15-30 Start) Westminster Bridge Road Lower Marsh (Exit 1) from Waterloo Station 5 minutes walk

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Anonymous said...

Revenue Protection Members:

Please come and support your victimised Revenue Protection Reps, who are on suspension for voicing your very own views!

See the meeting dates here!